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Victory For Me In Week 3! - Episode 3 (2015 Regular Season) - Show 196 - Fantasy Football Fire - Pyro Podcast
September 23, 2015 Fantasy Football Experts at Pyromaniac

No Stagg Party No Cry. We dive into all 16 games like badasses and give you the guys to play, the players to pick up - to trade high on - the ones to buy low. basically we talk for 3 hours and 20 plus minutes on Week 1 Fantasy Football alone. Other shows breeze through the games and talk matchups and player - at Pyro we give you the in-depth no corners cut version of it. We are the Stanley Kubrick of the fantasy football podcast world - competing against the rest of the hacks in our industry - think Brett Ratner. We deliver the #FF goo that helps you be in first place. We give you the details, and the devil is in the details. Don't be a puss - pull it together, listen to all of our podcasts in full and win your league this year. If you are too busy to pull that off, ok - just don't be pissed at anyone besides yourself when your least favorite league-mate is the champ. Let's crush these people together, and it starts here. Much love! //d-Rx® ---> click here to subscribe to us on iTunes: ---> listen to the podcast on our site here: - or click here to get an RSS of podcast:

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