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Four Weeks Till Playoffs - Episode 11 (2015 Regular Season) - Show 204 - Fantasy Football Fire - Pyro Podcast
November 18, 2015 Fantasy Football Experts at Pyromaniac

The 4 of us are back dropping ka-knowledge on fantasy football for week 11's matchups in the NFL schedule. We do our 3 hour thing as usual, giving the goo and having a blast. As usual Houdini gets a little heated and Sawg and Staggs give the fantasy football nuggets. Fact is, there is nothing like this fantasy football podcast out there... we are the only ones that have a soul, the only ones throwing back some Vaaal-verde's and having a blast talking about fantasy football. The rest of the shows out there are a snoozefest, and touch upon a third of what we do. We don't leave an stone unturned. There are 4 weeks till the #FF playoffs start, thanks for listening to us and yer welcome for listening to us. Much love and respect! //d-Rx® ---> click here to subscribe to us on iTunes: ---> listen to the podcast on our site here: - or click here to get an RSS of podcast:

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