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HAPPY THIRTEEN - Episode 13 (2015 Regular Season) - Show 206 - Fantasy Football Fire - Pyro Podcast
December 02, 2015 Fantasy Football Experts at Pyromaniac

Week 13 is only unlucky if you aren't paying attention to Pyro's advice at this crucial juncture of the 2015 #FF season. Luck is a huge part of life and every fantasy football season, but preparation is what increases your luck. If you are a lottery ticket buyer on a weekly basis and that is your way out... sorry, but that's sort of helpless. Fantasy football and Pyro go together like a pervert and porno shop, dick picks and Brett Favre - but the Pyro Podcast makes champions... this is why we work so hard on this every week of the year, it's why we created Making you a fantasy football badass is our sole goal, and this show helps deliver the goods for the Week 13 NFL matchups. Listen to the fantasy football gurus tell you who may be the best start, who you might want to sit and/or stream. Regardless - listen to this show if you want to be a fantasy football winner, much love! //d-Rx® ---> click here to subscribe to us on iTunes: ---> listen to the podcast on our site here: - or click here to get an RSS of podcast:

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