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Fantasy Football Podcast 2016 - Fantasy Football during the AFC & NFC Championship Game & Overtime Rule Changes (01/21/16)
January 21, 2016 Fantasy Football Experts at Pyromaniac

Fantasy Football Podcast 2016. Year round fantasy football is what we do at - In this show we go through the Divisional Round games and discuss the Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots game, then the Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals matchup. Then we cover the Sunday Divisional Round games, the Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos and then go through last weekends Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers game and discuss what went down. After that we discuss some great and funny options for changing the overtime rules in the NFL - this was inspired by a Reddit piece called "What's Your Crazy OT Idea?" - funny stuff. The last part of this show has us going through the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos and the NFC game between the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers. Huge week for NFL, and there is still DFS happening, and some crazy leagues like Houdini's that include playoff games. Good times as usual on this Fantasy Football Fire, Pyro Podcast - don't be mad that this one is shorter than usual. Much love from the Pyro Crew. //d-Rx® ---> click here to subscribe to us on iTunes: ---> listen to the podcast on our site here: - or click here to get an RSS of podcast:

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