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Fantasy Football Podcast 2016 - SUPER BOWL 50 - Everything Super Bowl! (Fantasy Football Fire / Pyro Podcast Episode 22 / Show 215 recorded on 2/4/16)
February 04, 2016 Fantasy Football Experts at Pyromaniac

It's the last game of the 2015/16 season - THE SUPER BOWL! It's an important # as well - 50. It's nice to keep it free of fantasy football for the most part, because I don't know a person that is doing #FF during the Super Bowl. Prop bets, listening to Dåwg stroke Mannings pole for an hour and forty minutes, drinking Vaaal-verdes and just being ready for the big game makes for a great Pyro Podcast. Havin' a good time for sure. Awesome to report that on this show we actually do our first live video over BLAB - so the show is available on video as well - that's something we have never done. Lot's of great things happening with our show - but there is 1 game left in this NFL season, let's devour it! Much love! //d-Rx® ---> click here to subscribe to us on iTunes: ---> listen to the podcast on our site here: - or click here to get an RSS of podcast:

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